Client Testimonials

We are always grateful to get to work with wonderful clients who truly care about how their home (or business) landscape looks and the feeling it provides to each soul that gazes or wanders into it.

So you may wonder, what’s it like to work with us? These are just some of the very kind comments that our clients have made to us…

We can not begin to express how thrilled we are with the design of our front yard. We use the word genius – and trust me, that is not a word we toss out often – because it’s true. I’m rarely out front that someone doesn’t stop to comment.

You heard our desires and ran with it in a direction we never would have dreamed of ourselves. So, thank you, for listening, for being courageous and for producing something astounding!


Kath & John O'Riordan

We are thrilled with our garden. The serenity, karma, inspiration, and most of all, the wonderful energy we derive from this small space, are just what the doctor ordered at this stage of our lives. You are special and we are very glad that we found you.

Luís & Sharon Martín

Thank you so much for the incredible job you and your company and subs did on our lawn. From the first visit, to the last flower planted, you and your team were professional, timely and extremely mindful of our property.

My husband especially appreciated the way you do business. Everything was discussed, written with an invoice, and carried out with precision. I appreciated the fact that you kept sending me revised plans as they changed so I could visualize everything. There were no surprises, and any changes you felt we needed to make were discussed up front and agreed upon!!

My neighbors were also impressed with your team. Many times during construction, our neighborhood makes complaints, about noise, trash, etc. Not one came into our homeowners association!! And the neighbors LOVE our new yard.

I am beyond thrilled with you and your company.

Ray Ann

What a wonderful job you and your associates have done. Your talent was well displayed and I appreciate the chance to work with you and your associates.

Harlan Crow

Dave, I have truly enjoyed working with you on our landscape design project. Your ideas, guidance, and expertise have been fabulous! Thank you so very much for your outstanding work! It has been a true pleasure to work with you; you are extremely talented and fun!

I think you have designed and helped create a beautiful space. Thank you again for your thoughtfulness, as well as your terrific advice and architectural talent.

Laurie-Jo Straty

Thanks for taking the time to speak with me this morning concerning the native grasses. I’m very impressed with all of your firm’s work but, I have to say the planting design is as good as I’ve seen. Excellent work and great site. Thanks again for the advice.

Will Loe, ASLA

Dave, you are fabulous! Your spontaneous sense of humor gave us a smile to take away with us. Many thanks for your time and talents.

Mrs. John Biggers

Thank you for working with us in designing and streamlining our space. The simplicity and textures look great. The crew was very professional, friendly, and hardworking.

Cliff & Donna Welch

Thank you! It was so great working with you and we love our yard!

Mary Chesnut

Before we had worked with your company, we had performed an extensive remodeling of our home. Unfortunately, we had too many experiences where the people responsible for the work took little or no responsibilities for it. It was an extraordinarily frustrating experience, and we marveled at how little attention was paid to customer service…

Your dedication to completing our project in a timely and professional way has made us loyal customers. We will gladly use your company again, and we will not hesitate to recommend it to others. Thank you!

Dr. Greta Brodsky

You turned our small, horrible backyard into a beautiful oasis! It looked like a concrete jungle when we bought the house and I didn’t have high hopes that anyone could do much with it. You were creative, knowledgeable, resourceful and a pleasure to work with…. very professional and we wouldn’t hesitate to refer to anyone looking to redo their yard.


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